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The Spengler Society
Germany, 15 November 2023

The Spengler Society selected my essay on Spengler as the opening text of a book comprising papers presented at an international conference in 2020

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René Miković

Josip Račić Gallery
Zagreb, 03. 10. 2023.

The author of an exhibition and publication that showcased the work of a forgotten Zagreb painter who resided and worked in the Netherlands

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National Matriculation

Croatian language
Zagreb, 29 May 2023

My essay on Oswald Spengler was selected as a required text for essay writing in the National Matriculation in the Croatian language

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Editor of Words

Matrix Croatica
Sisak, 10 June 2023

As a long-time contributor to the literary, cultural, and scientific magazine Words, I am thrilled to have joined its editorial board

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Short story

The Evening Paper
Zagreb, 13 February 2023

A short story inspired by pianists Glenn Gould, Ivo Pogorelich, and Vladimir Horowitz, written for one of the world’s longest-running short story sections

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Scriabin 150

Scriabin Museum
Moscow, 10 October 2022

Lecture given at the International Scientific Conference commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of composer Alexander Scriabin

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Museum of Contemporary Art
Zagreb, 19 April 2022

Mayor of Zagreb Envoy during the exhibition opening organized in cooperation with La Vilette and the Embassy of the French Republic

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To the Homeland ’20

Library of the CASA
Zagreb, 21 June 2022

Author of the chapter in the monograph on the Homeland Monument, created by architect Nenad Fabijanić, publisher: Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

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 Author of Vijenac

Matrix Croatica
Zagreb, 07 October 2021

Since October 2021, author of the literary newspaper Vijenac; interdisciplinary essays in the field of culture and arts, free choice of topics

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Stephan Lupino

Glyptotheque of the CASA
Zagreb, 08 July 2021

Author of exhibition and monograph Art in a Maelstrom of Passion, Unrest, and Tension; after Zagreb, exhibition was held in Sisak, Vukovar and Osijek

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 Russian translation

Scriabin Museum
Moscow, 09 April 2021

Essay on mystic chord published in Russian in a book marking the 100th anniversary of Scriabin Museum and announcing Scriabin’s 150th birthday

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Guest appearance on HRT

Show Good morning, Croatia
Zagreb, 21 November 2020

Presentation of book Abstract Reproductive as Productive Art on Croatian National TV in Jura Gašparac’s legendary rubric Antiquities Hounter

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Scriabin Society

Academy of Music,
Zagreb, 14 November 2019

Admission to the Honorary Membership of the Croatian Society Alexander Scriabin for outstanding contribution to research and promotion of Scriabin’s art

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CASA, Department of Literature
Zagreb, 20 October 2019

Essay Painting Memento in Space beyond History published in Forum—journal for literature issued by Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

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HT awards

Museum of Contemporary Art,
Zagreb, 17 May 2019

Mayor of Zagreb Envoy—welcoming speech and awarding the First Prize at the 2019 Croatian best contemporary artwork awarding ceremony

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Lecture in MSU

Museum of Contemporary Art
Zagreb, 17 April 2019

Presentation of the book Abstract Reproductive as Productive Art on the occasion of marking the 100th anniversary of establishing Bauhaus

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Evil Air

Society of Croatian Writers,
Zagreb, 16 October 2018

Moderator at the promotion of the popular-science book on health and illness in the 21st century, written by renowned scientist Igor Rudan, FRSE

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Conference in Moscow

Scriabin Museum, Moscow,
Russia, 11 October 2018

Book presentation and lecture on mystic chord in Moscow on the occasion of marking the 100th anniversary of establishing the Scriabin Museum

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Award ceremony

Mimara Museum
Zagreb, 28 October 2017

Mayor of Zagreb Envoy—speech and prize awarding during the 52nd Zagreb Salon of Applied Arts and Design awards ceremony

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Courants du monde

French Ministry of Culture
Paris, 09-20 October 2017

Fellow of the French Government—program topic: Enjeux et mise en œuvre de la politique des publics dans les structures culturelles

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Book promotion

Academy of Music,
Zagreb, 16 October 2015

Mirna’s first book promotion—title: Abstract Reproductive as Productive Art, publisher: Matica hrvatska Sisak, editor: Andrija Tunjić

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Archaeological Museum,
Zagreb, 8 September 2015

Mayor of Zagreb Envoy at the Aquileia-Salona Apollonia exhibition opening as a part of the Franco-Croatian festival of friendship Rendez-vous

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Journal Words

Matrix Croatica
Sisak, 16 December 2014

Guest at the promotion of the literature journal Words on the occasion of publishing the collection of essays on Alexander Scriabin’s Mystic Chord

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Pixels of Identities

Museo de Almería
Almería, 10 October 2014

Multidisciplinary Virtual Light Installation projected in Spain during the International Experimental Video-Art Festival Pixels of Identities

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