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Machiedo’s bilingual monologues


Quantity that does not lose quality: Mladen Machiedo, Fellow of the CASA, at Matrix Croatica simultaneously presented as many as nine of his newly published books

Oswald Spengler conquers history again and again


On the German philosopher of history and cultures and his masterpiece The Decline of the West to connect a hundred-year-old vision of the world with the current historical moment

High Splendour of organs and pianos from the Heferer Artistic Workshop


Musical instruments whose shine does not fade away: 172 years of the Heferer family building tradition is an inseparable part of Croatian cultural heritage

Dante: From hell to heaven and back


Seven centuries separates and binds us to Dante, the poet whose death anniversary is marked by cultural and artistic endeavors related to his literary masterpiece


We would like to thank Mirna Rudan Lisak for writing an article for dedicated to our great artist, recently deceased Professor Bogdan Gagić. Take your time to read it, it is worth it.


Painting memento in space beyond history

FORUM—journal for literature

Hommage to Croatian painter Ivo Šebalj in the Zagreb Modern Gallery, 100 years after famous Spengler’s book The Decline of the West

Hommage to Croatian composer Bogdan Gagić


Frewell to the contemporary music composer, pianist and music educator—legendary Professor at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts

Unconquered forest and Radovan Ivšić in MSU

WORDS—journal for literature

On Croatian writer who is a famous French surrealist, and is an example of artistic freedom and disregard for the socio-political climate

Scriabin’s mystic chord as Kleist’s marionette

WORDS—journal for literature

Analogy between music chord and marionette exposed the unity of the real world of physical body and the imaginary world of artwork

Music iconostasis of the painter Alexej Jawlensky

WORDS—journal for literature

Interdisciplinary study of the pictorial language achieved in a series of small scale works to analyze painting through the prism of music

Abstraction in reproductive art

WORDS—journal for literature

Interdisciplinary study of reproductive art aiming to determine whether we can regard the pianist Ivo Pogorelich as an abstract reproductive artist

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